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Functional Medicine is cutting edge healthcare for optimal wellness. 

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What is Functional Medicine?

The Functional Medicine approach to wellness is much like that of a medical detective. We do not treat disease, but address underlying causes of illness that keeps someone from having optimal health. We peel back the layers of chronic dysfunction through patient history and exam findings, utilizing state of the art diagnostic testing rarely used in conventional medicine today. It is important for us to factor in all external (such as environmental) and internal ( mind & emotions) factors that contribute to illness. We compile all pieces of information to fully understand the root cause of why our patients are sick. Once we have full understanding of the underlying dysfunction, we tailor a precise plan of action to move towards natural healing, optimal well-being and enhanced quality of life. We include sound nutritional modifications, appropriate movement guidelines, quality supplements & botanicals to correct underlying physiological dysfunction and stress management. 

Continually covering up symptoms with drugs does NOT heal the underlying cause, functional medicine does.

Click HERE to fill out our health assessment forms. We will review your information and call if we feel you would be a good candidate for functional medicine care! 


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What kind of training did you receive?

I am a CFMP, (Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner) and a Chiropractic Physician. I received my doctorate from New York Chiropractic College and my post doctorate training in Functional Medicine. I have also received hundreds of hours of nutritional training outside of my functional medicine curriculum. I am not a medical doctor and do not prescribe medication, however I am happy to communicate with my patient's medical doctor when necessary for the betterment of my patients.


Are there other practitioners I will see?

Follow-up appointments may be scheduled with Dr. David Noonan on a limited basis Fridays and Saturdays. He is also a CFMP and Health Coach. Dr. David received his doctorate from Logan College of Chiropractic and his post doctorate training in Functional Medicine and is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Functional Nutrition Guide & Health Coach. 


Do you accept insurance?

We do not participate with any insurance companies. You may use cash, credit card, checks, Flex or HSA cards if applicable, so long as it does not require any communication with your company. We are focused and staffed for patient care only, not reimbursement. Receipt of payment available upon request. 


Can you see people outside of the Charlotte area?

Absolutely! We can do all distant appointments via HIPAA compliant video call.

Distance is not an issue with functional medicine. If you are local,

we would love to meet you in person for your first visit, however.

What type of conditions do people seek Functional 

Medicine for? 

Functional Medicine practitioners do incredible work with many chronic illnesses including autoimmune disease, diabetes, poor cardiac health, gut and intestinal issues, thyroid health, hormonal imbalances, anxiety and mental challenges, to name a few. We do not treat disease, but try to understand the underlying cause of why someone is ill and restore proper balance and optimal function to all body systems by addressing the underlying root cause. Underlying causes may be, for example, inflammation, toxic exposures, poor nutritional habits or undiagnosed infection. We can discuss what is keeping you on the sidelines during our 15 min. phone consult. Please see the bottom of the page to fill out your Health Assessment and see if you are candidate for care. 

Are we a good fit for one another?

Not everyone is a fit for functional medicine so we do not accept each and every patient. This is a practical, not personal decision. We accept only those patients we think we can help and we believe are ready to make the changes necessary to get well. 

Patients that have the greatest potential for successful healing are those that are ready and willing to make dietary changes, take supplements necessary to align body chemistry for optimal physiological function, and those who can make healthy lifestyle modifications such as appropriate exercise and stress management. 

Functional medicine offices everywhere have waiting lists of sick people, tired of being a number, tired of being offered nothing but prescription after prescription. We would love to work with whomever is truly ready to change their life and get healthy, however, if you are not committed to this process, then our office may not be a good fit for you.

What is the new patient process like?

The first step of the process is to fill out our Health Assessment Forms and let us know you are interested in care. You will receive a call back from our office if we feel you are a good candidate for our functional medicine program. You may also reach out by phone or email.


If we feel you are a good fit, we will schedule your initial 60 minute consultation and place your Functional Medicine Lab Screening order for you to have drawn prior to your Initial Consultation. We will need related past medical records, labs and test results to review prior to your appointment as well. 

Your initial consultation will entail a lot of conversation about what brings

you into the office, your past medical history, environmental exposures, nutritional

habits, stress levels and more. We will also review your functional chemistry lab results.

This visit is a time of gathering as much information as we can in order to understand

what is at the root cause of your illness and to help us develop a comprehensive plan

of care to gain control of your health and your life. Your consultation is the beginning

of your path to healing and optimal wellness!

If you choose to proceed with functional medicine care, there will likely be some additional testing to give us a complete picture of what is going wrong and how to help you. Your second visit is when we will explain the results and implications of those tests and propose a plan of action to get you feeling better than ever! Once enrolled in one of our programs, we lay out the details, get you oriented with all the facets of the program and get you on your way with us by your side.  

What advanced diagnostic testing is available?

At Well Body Chiropractic & Functional Medicine, we have access to a vast array of advanced functional testing that covers many disease states.  This testing is available to all patients whether in person or via telehealth, no matter where you are in the US. This state-of-the-art testing allows us and our patients to discover underlying pathogenic and biochemical marker imbalances that help us to understand the root cause of your issues. Examples of diagnostic testing we use includes, but is not limited to;

  • Comprensive Stool Analysis 

  • SIBO breath test

  • Food sensitivity and allergy testing

  • MTHFR and other genetic snp testing

  • Male and female hormone panels

  • Salivary cortisol and stress index

  • Cardio-metabolic panel

  • Mycotoxin (mold/fungus) Test

  • Organic Acids Test

  • Comprehensive blood chemistry panels

  • Omega index fatty acid profile

  • DUTCH hormone and cortisol stress testing for men and women

  • Vitamin testing

  • Heavy Metal 

  • Serum (blood) tests

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Click this link to fill out our HEALTH ASSESSMENT

We will review your case and contact you if we feel you are a good candidate. 

Please answer all questions in detail to help us assess your health status & readiness.


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