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FAQ's | Well Body Chiropractic

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Frequently Asked Questions, Well Body Chiropractic
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Questions About Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a natural method of health care that focuses on addressing misalignments in the spine, called subluxations, to achieve not just pain relief, but optimal health and wellness due to it’s healing effect on the nervous system. Chiropractors address the cause of physical problems, rather than covering up illness with medication or surgery. Proper function of the nervous system helps your body to heal naturally. A chiropractic spinal adjustment-the application of a precise force to a specific part of the spinal segment-corrects the misalignment, permitting normal nerve transmission and assisting your body to recuperate on its own.
The goal of chiropractic is to remove any interference that may be limiting normal health. Chiropractic care involves correcting the interference through specific adjustments, allowing your body to heal itself. A healthy spine and a healthy lifestyle are very important factors for living the best quality of life possible.
New patients can expect to be greeted by our friendly staff as you walk through the door. After filling out some standard health questionnaires, you will have ample time to discuss your problems and goals with Dr. Noonan. After she has a complete understanding of what you are experiencing, she will perform a full physical exam including a chiropractic, soft tissue, orthopedic and neurological evaluation. If she feels it is necessary, she may send you out for X-ray evaluation at a local facility. Depending on how many questions you may have the visit will take from 45 minutes to one hour. Please be on time as the next time slot will begin promptly with the next patient and we want to ensure you have the full amount of time we have allotted for you. Depending on your case, you may be treated on your first visit. Most people are treated on their second visit after their report of findings and care plan has been explained in full.
For many reasons and after 2 decades of experience with insurance companies, Dr. Noonan has chosen not to participate in any insurance plans. Upon request, you may have a super bill emailed to you with accurate and billable diagnosis and procedure codes if you would like to submit to your insurance company on your own. Not participating in insurance plans keeps care and treatment between you and the Dr. without a 3rd party, whose best interest is NOT yours, trying to dictate care. The co-pays of most plans are so high now, they can actually exceed the cost of an adjustment. This type of practice also allows Dr. Noonan to keep overhead low so she can spend more time and energy doing what she loves- taking care of her patients.
Absolutley! The earlier children begin spinal care, the better. Significant spinal trauma can occur at birth, and therefore many parents have their newborns checked for misalignments in the spine. Spinal adjustments enhance the immune system, prevent structural problems from ever developing, keep athletes at peak performance and prevent health problems that surface in adulthood. Studies show that children who have regular spinal care make fewer visits to their Medical doctor and report fewer health problems. Most parents report that their children enjoy being adjusted and are generally healthier than their peers.
No. There are many adjustments and techniques Dr. Noonan is adept at using. She evaluates each patient’s case and develops a specific plan of care unique to every patient. Each chiropractic adjustment builds on the one before, therefore, recommendations on an individual’s treatment plan is based upon experience. Each patient’s care is different depending on the case and goals. You will get the type of care that fits you and your condition best.
Pregnancy is one of the best reasons to see a chiropractor. The pregnant spine goes through incredible transitional stress from conception through delivery. Dr. Noonan is a mother of 3 who knows first hand the importance of spinal care during pregnancy, Pregnant mothers discover that chiropractic adjustments help improve their health and comfort during pregnancy and make delivery easier for themselves and their baby. Dr. Noonan has a table that perfectly adapts to the pregnant frame. Adjusting methods are always adapted to each patient, especially when pregnant.
Chiropractic care does not cure any disease, however, it optimizes the function of the nervous system which directly correlates with immune function and overall health and wellbeing. It is known to be successful with a very wide variety of health problems; however, like any other health care, there may be a better alternative. Please discuss with your doctor.
Yes. When compared to the safety of even over the counter drugs or risky surgery, chiropractic adjustments are remarkably safe. During the exam, the doctor will be able to identify whether or not in a rare instance, chiropractic care may not be for you.
Absolutely Not. For example, hearing your joints “crack” is not an adjustment! Adjustments are highly specific and take years of training to master. Chiropractors are the only professionals with extensive enough training to safely and effectively adjust the spine. Randomly “cracking” your spine can lead to joint damage and instability that is irreversible. Leave the care of your precious spine to skilled hands of a Chiropractor.
Depending on the technique used, you may feel absolutely nothing but the gentle tip of the Dr’s finger on your spine! Even patients who arrive in severe pain can be put at ease and feel some relief. The doctor will know exactly what and what not to do. Most patients report a sense of peace as well as immediate relief. Chiropractors are experts at making adjustments feel comfortable.
The number of adjustments can vary depending on the health and goals of the individual. Sticking to the recommended care plan is vital to recovery. Many patients can progress to feeling better after a few weeks of consistent visits. Visits become less often as your spine gains stability; however, some difficult cases can take months for healing. Most problems did not happen overnight and cannot be fixed overnight.
Pain is not “normal”. It is your body’s way of letting you know something is not right. While pain may go away, if the underlying problem remains unattended, the problem can slowly worsen until it becomes more difficult and expensive to resolve. It is always best to address the pain right away and follow through with recommended care to ensure healing, not just pain relief.
Your body “protects” you from pain for as long as it can, so pain is often the last thing you feel after a problem has been building and it is the first thing to go under chiropractic care-thankfully! Unfortunately the spinal distortions that led to your problem take time to heal and stabilize. Think of a child with braces, the structural distortion of the jaw takes time, and effort to permanently change for the better and stabilize. The spine is no different. There are dozens of muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones associated with most spinal problems. They all have to work and coordinate together to perform optimally, that takes time.

Questions About Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

Dr Noonan, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, Well Body Chirorpractic

Questions About Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy, Well Body, Dr Jennifer Noonan, Aromatherapist
The uses of essential oils in a wellness home are countless and growing by the day! Research is actively underway in many countries and is proving what our ancient ancestors knew even before the days of Christ. Their uses include stress and menstrual symptom relief, anxiety, weight-loss support, relief for painful joints and muscles, headaches, animal care, natural household products and many beauty and personal care uses, just to name a few. They are used to enhance healing and well-bing, not cure anything. In this office, only the highest quality pure clinical grade essential oils are used or sold.
People are drinking essential oils because they have been misinformed as to the safe and effective ways to use essential oils. Essential oils are never to be consumed except in the case of rare, chronic diseases and always under the guidance of a certified professional. Essential oils are highly concentrated chemical compounds which have been known to harm the tender tissues of the digestive tract and can harm the delicate bacterial balance of the gut that is so vital to health.
Essential oils have many wonderful uses for children of all ages. As with all oils, however, they are never to be applied undiluted and there are many essential oils that are not appropriate for children. It is always best to consult with a certified professional like Dr. Noonan to get the safest and most effective blend for your child’s age and health needs.

Chiropractic Is A Way Of Life

Find out how this lifestyle can change your outlook.

Chiropractic is not just an incredible form of healthcare, it is a way of life. A way of life that seeks vibrancy and optimal wellness over crisis and sick care management. It embraces appropriate and safe exercise, whole life-giving foods and supplements, medicinals found in nature rather than a chemistry lab, and an attitude of positivity and thankfulness- which is easier to attain when your outlook is coming from a place of health, strength and vitalistic living.

Find out more by scheduling your free 15 minute consultation. Call 704-577-7458 or email at wellbodychiro@gmail.com

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