It’s been about 6 months since most people made their New Years resolutions. I’m guessing a vast majority of people had a resolution to eat better, exercise and lose weight. So, how’s it going? For those of you who made your goal and are sticking with it, congratulations, you are in the HUGE minority and deserve a pat on the back. For those who gave up months ago, you’re in good company, so did about 73% of the population. So what’s the problem?

“Why can’t I lose weight?” If I had a dime…

I’d like to cover what I bet is a big reason- people just do not know what not to eat ( and what to eat ) to lose weight. I know it can be daunting, which is why if you’re really serious, you need to invest in a program that includes oversight and coaching like the one I offer at Well Body Chiropractic. The key to sustainable weight loss is detoxing your body from the foods that put and keep weight on. Here are my top foods to avoid during detox and weight loss:

SUGAR MUST GO! On the list of foods that need to be eliminated, sugar is by far number one. I’m not talking about just the mounds you add to your breakfast cereal (which also has to go ) or coffee,  it means all sugar-containing foods such as: pies, cakes, cookies, candy, soda, sports drinks, doughnuts, ice cream…you get the idea.  On top of that, the “healthy” alternatives of these foods that don’t use refined white sugar as a sweetener are also on the list of foods to avoid. Those would include agave nectar, white grape juice concentrate, brown rice syrup, date sugar and anything in between. About the only thing you could use if you absolutely had to is a small amount of raw, unfiltered honey. Stevia is sometimes acceptable, but should be avoided as much as possible

.Why Can't I Lose Weight?

*SIDE BAR* This is a topic for an entire post, but I have to mention in here- “diet” beverages (artificial sweeteners) WILL make you gain weight! Just STOP drinking them. They are thwarting your weight-loss efforts. Read this article to find out why.

GLUTEN & STARCHY FOODS– No, there is no “good” wheat bread. If it has wheat, it has gluten. Dark wheat, whole wheat, nutty wheat-its all gluten and needs to be eliminated if you’re serious about detoxing and losing weight. Also on the list are pastas, corn, oats and even quinoa. I personally feel some quinoa in the diet is Ok because of its protein content ( 8 grams per cup!), but it is still very high in carbs so needs to be eaten in moderation. Same with oats. Without getting too bio-chem-y on you, gluten and starchy foods pretty much turn to sugars-which turn to fat. They also contribute to increased insulin resistance which is a huge problem. Insulin resistance is a condition where the body is so overloaded with sugars and starches, it eventually loses it’s ability to respond to glucose in the blood. It’s overwhelmed. This prevents cells from taking up glucose from the blood. When this happens, the body converts the excess glucose (which the cells can’t take up) to fatty acids, that are then stored as fat. Not. Good.

ALCOHOL-This is a huge weight loss buster. Alcohol is the simplest form of sugar and we’ve just discussed that. In addition, if your detoxing there just can’t be alcohol consumption until you get the weight under control and then it has to be in serious moderation.

DAIRY- Besides being high in fat, dairy is highly acidic. Dairy products, because of their high acidity, actually leach calcium from your bones. (Something you will never hear from the dairy industry. ) On a weight loss front, an acidic body holds on to excess weight because fat cells store that acidic waste in order to keep it away from the vital organs. (this is why DETOX is so important to successful weight loss)  In addition, dairy is mucogenic and slows down digestion and removal of toxins, all of which lead to trouble losing weight. Another concern of mine with dairy are all the hidden sugars and calories in popular yogurts. Many think they are making a healthy choice by eating a yogurt that is advertised with fit, skinny women in tennis outfits, but unless you are eating the unflavored kind, it is not good for weight loss.

FRUIT AND FRUIT JUICE– You must be onto my sugar theme by now? Although it is “natural” sugar, your body just breaks down to glucose and it needs to be dealt with or stored as fat. A big fruit smoothie in the morning will cause a huge sugar spike and resultant crash later in the morning. You know what happens after a crash? Your body tells you it needs glucose and you crave….SUGAR! Look at the sugar content of these commonly eaten fruits; A large peach will contain 148 g. of sugar, banana’s 140, watermelon a whopping 280 g. per slice! These fruits will vastly shift your blood sugar levels, leading to spikes and eventual hormone imbalances which negatively impact your weight loss efforts.

*SIDE BAR* Berries are low in sugars and a great choice for fruit while learning lifestyle modification. Also, fruits with high fiber content like apples and peaches will have their sugars utilized more efficiently because of the fiber, thus creating less of a sugar spike.

PROCESSED FOODS– Refined fructose, typically in some form of corn syrup, is now found in virtually every processed food you can think of, and fructose actually “programs” your body to consume more calories and store fat. Just like alcohol, fructose is metabolized quickly and efficiently into fat. It is stored in the fat cells making you even fatter.

“Your body is designed to naturally regulate how much you eat and the energy you burn. But food manufacturers have figured out how to over-ride these intrinsic regulators, designing processed foods that are engineered to by “hyper-rewarding.”

“According to the “food reward hypothesis of obesity,” processed foods stimulate such a strong reward response in our brains that it becomes very easy to overeat. One of the guiding principles for the processed food industry is known as “sensory-specific satiety.”  Dr. Mercola, Feb. 12, 2014.

Lastly, processed foods are loaded with artificial chemicals that don’t even resemble “food”. A person cannot detox, get healthy, stay healthy or lose weight when consuming processed foods.

Why Can't I Lose Weight? Processed Food is not actually food, processed food thwarts weight loss efforts

“Why can’t I lose weight?” There are many reasons why people don’t lose weight including poor lifestyle habits, justifications, lack of exercise, poor support and lack of nutritional understanding. I will touch on all of these roadblocks and more ahead.

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